Markets in Japan

People interested in purchasing stones in Japan have the option of visiting individual small shops in different cities or by attending one of the major stone exhibits, usually in Tokyo or Kyoto, where several dealers will bring stones to sell in the vendor area associated with the exhibition. Few dealers have the capability to sell stone via the Internet. Japan does not have the large stone markets similar to the ones that exist in China. As a result, VSANA will feature several of the individual dealers where quality stones can be purchased.


Individual dealers:



at 4-1-17 Takanodai, Nerima, Tokyo 177-0033. (t) 03-3996-6439.

The owner is Mr. Manabu Kasahara, knowledgeable and long-time suiseki dealer and former president of the Nippon Suiseki Association. Japanese language only! No English spoken.

Ueno Green Club

(seasonal, only in association with exhibitions); 3-42 Ueno Kouen
Taito-ku, Tokyo

Several stone dealers have temporary sale areas in the Green Club during the Koufu-ten held in Tokyo in early February of each year. The extensive sales area at the Green Club is held in conjunction with the finest national exhibition of bonsai in Japan and the finest public exhibition of suiseki held in this country. The exhibitions are held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno Park, and the Green Club is a short distance from there. A free shuttle bus runs every fifteen to twenty minutes between the museum and the Green Club. This is an excellent opportunity to see and compare stones and to purchase display tables or accessory items relating to the display of quality stones. Go to the second and third floor to find the stone dealers. Smaller exhibitions of stones are held in the Green Club throughout the year, and these often have a few stone vendors present.

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