Museums & Where to See Stones

While photographs of stones can be beautiful, and are helpful in expanding knowledge,  the best way to understand and appreciate stones is to view them in person.  While there are limited venues to see quality stones in western countries, there are numerous permanant museums and other cultural centers throughout China that display stones throughout the year.


This section will provide information about stone museums in China to complement the section on stone markets, and other good venues for stone appreciation. Also, many outstanding stones can be seen during the stone festivals and exhibitions held regularly in China.

There are many museums in China devoted solely to stones as artistic objects, including the display of minerals and fossils. Over sixty major museums have been identified in various provinces and cities and many other smaller museums exist throughout the country. Information about specific museums and other venues in China will be updated periodically. Check regularly to learn about additional locations.

In China, the word museum has a slightly different meaning than we are used to in western countries. Many of the Chinese stone museums have stones that are on display, and that are also for sale separate from any museum shop. This is not always obvious to the casual visitor. Privately owned museums are more like a combination of a museum and a retail sales business, while larger government sponsored museums are more similar to museums in North America and Europe.


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