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This wax stone was in the collection of Huang Jiu Wei, a well-known stone collector and bonsai artist, from Guangzhou, China before it was presented to Thomas Elias. Huang and Elias became good friends while working together on many bonsai and stone related projects over several years. This completely natural stone is 11.5 cm wide, 12.5 cm high and 7.2 cm deep. The beautifully carved, intricate base has a a flower and bamboo motif. This stone was named “Friendship” in recognition of friendship that developed between these two stone connoisseurs.

Wax stones from southern China have been collected and appreciated for their aesthetic qualities for several hundred years due to their lustrous wax-like appearance and a variety of fascinating shapes and surface texture patterns. The stones are hard because of their high silica dioxide content and range from yellow, yellowish-brown, or red, to almost black.



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Featured Article

Chinese Scholar’s Rocks: Lessons from a Major Auction.

A recent auction of fine stones in Hong Kong on December 2, 2015 confirmed several important facts about stone appreciation. The auction was managed by Christie’s Hong Kong Office and featured several important Chinese stones and a Japanese stone and artifacts from a private collection. In preparation for the auction, Christie’s published an attractive, detailed catalog Beyond White Cloud—Chinese Scholar’s Rocks From a Private Collection. The catalog itself is a valuable reference for serious collectors of Asian stones.

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Featured Book Review

Huang Jian & Zhong Ling Qiang. 1998.

Canon of Contemporary China’s Renowned Cultural Stone Collectors and Their Celebrated Art Works

China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Publishing Company. 339 slip case. ISBN: 7-5059-3180-6. 486 RMB when published.

This book lives up to its name. The editors were successful in enlisting hundreds of leading Chinese stone collectors to include one or two of their finest stones in this monumental volume. Over 1,000 stones are featured, ranging from Lingbi, Taihu, Nanjing Rain Flower pebbles and other stones from the Imperial period to a wide variety of modern stones.

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March 2016

BCI convention held in Quezon City, March 17-20, 2016

VSANA chairman, Tom Elias, and his wife, Hiromi Nakaoji, participated in the BCI convention held in Quezon City, March 17-20, 2016. This was organized by the Philippine Bonsai Society (PBS) who staged an excellent exhibition of bonsai and viewing stones. Tom served as a judge for the PBS and presented an illustrated lecture The Beauty of Japanese Suiseki.


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